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Shed the Dead…Skin that is

Dead skin not only contributes to acne outbreaks, but it can also cause premature aging of your skin, cause wrinkles, and give skin a dull lack luster look. So what can be done to make your skin look younger, but still fight those annoying acne breakouts? The answer is quite simple, exfoliate.

Exfoliate means to get rid of the old, dead cells and usher in the new cells. Exfoliation is a simple process that can be done both for the face as well as the body.

When you are exfoliating it is very important not to use an abrasive product as the goal is to merely clear off the dead skin sell leaving the healthy skin intact.

Most exfoliators are known as either facial or body scrubs. When you are looking for an effective scrub be sure to get something that contains sugar or fruit acids. There are also some that are a combination of both.

Despite the name you do not scrub your face/body with these products; you gently apply them and then rinse off.

To achieve best results you should exfoliate on a more or less regular schedule. In fact you should do it at least once a week, however twice would be optimal. To see the best exfoliators on the market, check out the Top 5 Products Reviewed below.

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