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The SAFE way to pop a pimple (only if you have to)

Though it’s better if you leave pimples alone, most people detest the thought having to walk around with giant spots on their faces. The thing to remember is NOT to pop with your fingernails! Nails will inevitably leave scars and redden your skin. It will irritate the pimple and most likely infect it.

There are two recommended ways to pop a pimple.

One way is to utilize Q-tips. Take two q-tips, one in each hand, and push up against the pimple, much like you would with your fingers. Remember to stop squeezing if blood or clear liquid starts to come out!

The second way is to use a needle. Sterilize a needle with rubbing alcohol. Gently prick the pimple to make a hole. Using either q-tips again or tissue-covered fingers, squeeze the sides. Again, stop if the pimple starts to bleed or produces clear liquid. Most importantly, distinguish which pimples you can pop and which you should leave alone. If you are squeezing and the zit refuses to pop, LEAVE IT ALONE! Continually bothering it will only irritate it and make it swell.

Do not try to pop deep pimples/cysts. These are pimples that are prone to scarring, so touching them will leave scars and mess up your skin. As ugly as they are, you just have to wash and medicate carefully until they eventually go away. If you are desperate, consult a physician or dermatologist. They may recommend a cortisone injection, which can dramatically decrease the swelling and redness.

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