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Washing your face: a delicate process

Most people have the misconception that washing your face often will prevent breakouts. Unfortunately, it will work the other way. Although some acne, blackheads, etc. are created by bacteria, washing your face 10 times a day may take away the natural oils on your face needed to fight these skin problems.

Some steps you should consider the next time you wash your face:

  1. Look for “oil-free” or “non-irritating” products. Though you need the natural oils on your face, you do not need the oils from facial products. Also, if your skin is sensitive, harsh products can make your skin dry out and your acne worse.
  2. You don’t want to pile on layers. The best combination is to wash your face with a good, gentle cleanser and then apply medication. Keep in mind that caking on medication doesn’t work any better than putting on a thin layer. MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN BEFORE WASHING YOUR FACE AND APPLYING ANYTHING ELSE ON YOUR FACE.
  3. As mentioned before, it’s not good to wash your face too often. With that in mind, wash up morning and night, that’s twice a day. If you face gets too oily during the day, use oil-blotting sheets.
  4. PAT YOUR FACE DRY. Do not rub! Rubbing your skin is irritating and can cause more acne/breakouts.

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